Criminal convictions, including withholds of adjudication, can result in inadmissibility, deportability, ineligibility to naturalize, and other negative consequences for non-United States citizens. No matter how long a person has been in the US, whether they have a green card or not, and no matter how minor the criminal charge and sentence, there may be significant consequences for the person's immigration status. SLG Law, an established law firm focusing on the intersection of criminal law and immigration law, provides ongoing immigration consultation on criminal matters to non-citizens and criminal defense attorneys throughout the criminal case process. We advise on the immigration consequences of the criminal charge, advantageous alternative pleas, recommended wording in the plea process and other important recommendations that will help protect the immigration Let us do the work! SLG Law, (Shorstein, Lasnetski, & Gihon), has developed an all inclusive, comprehensive Immigration Consequences of Florida Criminal Convictions Database, which provides the immigration consequences for each and every criminal statute in the State of Florida. We continuously maintain and monitor updates in case law to ensure that the information is accurate and up to date.

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Immigration Attorneys

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For a flat fee of $900, we provide:
($500 will be applied toward our immigration services if we are retained for the immigration case)


•   personal one-on-one comprehensive ongoing immigration consultation with the client, discussing:

  •  personal and family immigration history
  •  all possible negative immigration consequences of the criminal case
  •  all possible forms of immigration relief



•   a detailed, written immigration consequence advisory letter (if desired), including:

  • analysis of whether the pending charge(s) will make the client removable
  • analysis of the effect of pending charges on any forms of immigration relief
  • analysis of alternative plea options


•   comprehensive advice & consultation with client and criminal defense attorney throughout criminal case, inc.:

  • advice on how to deal with immigration detainers and bonds
  • advice on how to work with the State to craft charging documents and pleas to alternative charges


*   we are available to CJA & JAC conflict attorneys on court appointed cases.